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Uganda Expansion


Assisted Samasource with location assessments as they looked to launch a delivery center based in Kampala, Uganda. Worked in conjunction with a Samasource representative from Nairobi to identify viable properties based on the criteria provided.


Export of rare botanicals 


We worked directly with WEF Young Global Leaders Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Samasource and Founder and CEO of LXMI.

We helped plan and implement an impact and fair trade audit, monitoring and evaluation of one of the Local Shea Butter processrs in Lira, Northern Uganda to ensure they were buying LXMI Shea nuts at fairtrade price. We also helped them source and research on rare bontanicals found in Uganda such as bentonite, kaolin, or green clay and Propolis

Breath a new life into your skin.


Amagara Skincare Ltd is a cosmetic company based in Kampala. The dream was to bring 5 year product idea into reality and on to the shelf. Our team had the privilege to work alongside some of Uganda's best Science and Research persons at the Uganda Industrial Research Institute. The result: a stunning natural well branded skincare product that has received tremendous positive response in the market and media. We continue to work with the companies C.E.O Mrs Olive to get the brand even further up.



Agribusiness company in Fresh Produce export.


Working with the Havanah Investment team, we set about creating strategies and systems in their business that would create a consistent high quality and timely supply of their fresh produce to their clients. Early Market Entry research was done that lasted over a period of 1 year and led to introducing two European companies siging an MOU with Havanah Investments for supply of fresh chillies and Passion fruits


​Introducing the first Aromatherapy oils producing company in Uganda.


Mr Katto Abel founder of Crane essential Oils dealing in herbal medicines, floral waters and distilling essential oils. A unique and first of its kind company in Uganda. Mr Katto apporached our team to help him penetrate the Ugandan market especially in upcoming spa and aromatherapy boom in Kampala. We drew up strategic plans for his business and got funding for him. He currently is supplying to big spas in the country as well as various pharmacies and drug stores


​Providing eco and eno-tourism services and processing of Wine and grape products, strawberry Juice & a healthy strawberry-gooseberry Jam

Bwindi Integrated Farm approached the BITEPH team to work on feasibility study on setting up a Vineyard that would allow eco-tourism and orchard farming once in place will act as a learning center  a regional eco-tourist attraction site and fruit juice processing center for various for grapes and products from grapes as well as a wine tasting center.



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